In the following post I will discuss about the chatbot technology  and movements that are leading this movement. The Toptal blog post that discusses that can be found here:

The next generation of shopping experience: Chatbot technology

Current and new generations are more and more engaged in digital interactions. Thus, businesses and designers need to prove that they know their customers’ needs. In order to create for the need, it is important to see the bigger perspective and be informed on the global trends that are leading the market.

As everything is unstable nowadays, it is almost impossible to have a high level of certainty when speaking about the influence of specific trends. However, it is important to mention the following movements that are now leading the chatbot shopping experience:

  1. Virtual assistants – transformation of customer service

Customers are now interested to feel the human interaction although there is none. Virtual assistants are the next generation of customer service and they usually take the shape of chatbots, either on web platforms or on social media.

  1. Omnichannel experience – flawless engagement

Although most of the shopping experience is nowadays happening on the digital platforms, the action and engagement Is not limited to that. Interacting with our future customers shall be a flawless cycle: from offline to online and vice-versa.

  1. Personalization – give customers freedom to create

Who does not like the feeling of owning a product? Is even better if you contribute for its creation – or at least that should be the feeling that the customer gets when buys something. Give freedom to create to your customer and sales will be targeted.

  1. First contact resolution – customer problem solving in one interaction

One consequence caused by the omnichannel trend is that the user needs to find answers on multiple platform. Keep the omnichannel experience for the shopping actions and do not mislead for sections such as FAQ or Customer service – they should be easy to find.

  1. Geolocation – better customer service and marketing

Privacy is not a sensitive subject: geolocations are not always allowed, which makes it hard to target if based on that. Find a way to offer advantages if enabling geolocation in customer service and marketing.

  1. Machine learning – innovative solutions

Finally, our friend, machine learning is always there to give innovative solutions even to simple problems. Do not hesitate to ask for an innovation session together with developers or engineers. It might save your business!

And do not forget: “Highly engaged customers buy more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty, resulting in 23% more revenue than average.”