Fusion – side table

One of the most valuable treasures of Romania is Constantin Brâncuşi. He is the one who brought novelty to international sculpture and he revolutionized through his creation. This project is actually a memorial to the creations of the artist which were once refused to become part of the Romanian heritage.

ClientAPMR - Concept & Prototype Winner
DateApril 2017
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In the design of the auxiliary table interferes, besides the motivation due to Brâncuşi’s creation, some constructive elements of his work too. After a long iteration, I decided the most representative and recognisable elements of his work: the hexagon, the circle and the zigzag – along with them, “Stool”, “Table of Silence” and “The Column of the Infinite” served as learning. After a more detailed study, the simplest and the most complex elements were chosen to be developed – that’s how I returned to the strongest and most ample geometric element: the circle.

Iteration started from the idea of ​​creating a chair with a certain shape that reminded of “The Infinite Column”. Throughout the process, the importance of the material has been further exploited, and in the end the material has been shaped, not the other way around. The materials that are used in the concept are ecological and sustainable, some of which were also used by the master himself. The walnut (Black / English are preferred as species) is one of the most aristocratic materials, that has the sweet colour of chocolate and which, despite its high cost, is very precious and in time it gets even a glossy fibre that makes it more special.

Moreover, instead of the bronze classic, the concept uses brass as a replacement – a very sustainable material, especially because it can be made from scrap material, making the process much cheaper and more environmental-friendly. The brass can be easily recycled due to the fact that it can melt and be formed back into another shape. Other important features can be: antibacterial, anticorrosive and strong. The last material, glass, is used not only for its optical properties (transparency), but also because it is infinitely recyclable and does not require a high melting temperature in the manufacturing process, thus less electricity.​​​​​​​
Distinction @ Romanian National Contest of Furniture Design / Prototype & Concept
Featured in Revista MobilaIndustria Mobilei, Global Design, Monitorul & BIFE SIM 2017.