Together – Modular couch system

Together is a set of pieces that can be used separately or "together". Individually, the items can be used as an armchair with a storage place or table. Together, they can become a sofa for 2, 3 or more people, with or without a table.

ClientAPMR - Concept
DateApril 2018
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The concept behind is creating a piece of furniture that requires minimal time and assembly methods. The pieces make use of the pressure of the stainless steel bars to keep the modules together. The stainless steel bar is flat so there is no space between the modules when creating a larger set of furniture. The MDF board is designed to make use of the space underneath.
The novelty of the product consists of:
1. Pieces of the set are easy to combine to create unique pieces of furniture according to the customer’s wishes. Parts for the desired combination can be bought separately. For example, for a couch for two people, the two modules can be bought separately, and for two armchairs, a single module can be purchased twice.
2. “Together” is thought to be easy to customize and easy to mass production. Each component is easy to create: stainless steel base, MDF storage plate and polyurethane foam cushions wrapped in textile. All pieces can be made in different colors and textures.