Brand Strategy – BOHO Makerskwartier The Hague

Role: Research, Strategy
Methods & Tools: Concept, User Research, Interviews, Competitive Analysis

ClientBOHO - Makerskwartier The Hague
DateApril - June 2016
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Project Background

Since June 2014, the Haagse Makers are located in the Boekhorststraat with De Kleine Werkplaats – an open project space to work on Hague Makers, but also intended as a makers’ space in the center of the city. The Boekhorststraat was chosen despite the trend to develop creative collection buildings on the outskirts of the city, we have chosen to be right in the center. This is an inspiration for other (potential) makers and encourages collaboration and connection.

De Boekhorststraat was once an important shopping street – “once, when the tram was going through it”, and when “the Vroom and Dreesman were still there”. In recent years, the Boekhorststraat is mainly that unknown street that you sometimes cycle through on the way to the station.

This Old Center – the area between and around the Paviljoensgracht, Zuidwal, Brouwersgracht and Prinsegracht, is now an inward-looking area that suffers from vacant space and stories about how it used to be better. Would not it be nice that the Hague Maker Community brings life into the brewery here? The Herderinnestraat, Looijerstraat, Hamerstraat, Spijkermakerstraat, Brouwersgracht are all streets with a makers’ past.

Problem statement

There are various maker-spaces in The Hague, which host groups of makers that collaborate with each other to different extend within these spaces. But these spaces do not have a shared identity that would represent the maker movement of The Hague as a community, which members create their products in collaboration and shared expertise with other like-minded individuals. The makers’ need to define and communicate clear identity of maker community of The Hague to makers themselves, so that it is clear who they are and where they belong to.

Business model canvas


The interior design elements should be recognizable and possible to be implemented in the interior of the workshops at the Boekhorststraat. The interior is intended to have the same style and colour scheme as the logo, website and other elements of the visual identity, in order to be recognizable as the maker movement. The value of the makerspace concept consists in bringing people with different backgrounds and from different areas of expertise together.

The makerspace must be also equipped with a variety of the tools, so that everything that is envisioned can be created. It is precisely this notion that lays on the base of the foundation for innovation. The main intention was to organize the space in a way that could carry multiple functions (makerspace, exhibition place, shop, workshop space). The aim is to design a space that is flexible and adjustable in terms of functions and facilities, together with representing the maker’s movement.


How might we create a place identity that meet all makers’ needs and make them feel part of the community?


The space division of the „Makers; space”, the final concept, is created this way based on all the characteristics of a home as it will be represented as the „maker’s home” ,while taken the maker’s needs into consideration, therefore its functionality is multiple and it meets all the requirements of such a community.

The concept is “made, not bought” as homemade, handmade and products made out of recycled material embraces and multiplies the feeling of the maker’s and helps stimulating the maker movement and mindset. Additionally this helps connect all makers in the whole city as it invites them to:

  • display their products
  • place their products either for a specific use or for finding them a use
  • work on their products, so for further development/improvement with additional input from other makers if wanted




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